Lush green surroundings year round.
Birdsong Barn is an ideal wedding venue for couples who are drawn to a beautiful natural setting for their ceremony, but are not "beach people." While we are in a county with approximately 63 miles of shore line, not everyone relishes the feel of sand between their toes. Some of us are more garden and park types when it comes to the great outdoors.

This venue is a snap to locate, quickly accessible from I-95, has plenty of parking, and can easily accommodate both the ceremony and reception at a single location. But more importantly, it's just downright adorable!

At each Birdsong Barn wedding, I look forward to the moment when I turn the corner and see the reception decor and table settings. I am always thoroughly enchanted. I have seen pastoral simplicity, artistry with a country flair, and vintage elegance themes executed perfectly. While it has definite appeal for the country folk, it really is incredibly versatile and can handle sophistication quite nicely as well.
One of the major advantages to this venue is the ease with which everything can adapt to rapidly changing weather conditions. The first wedding I officiated at Birdsong Barn was on one of those days when no one can really tell what is going to happen. According to the radar, we were either about to encounter a thoroughly dangerous electrical storm...or perhaps not. We decided to press ahead with the original plans and risk an abrupt Act II under cover should it come to that. But the good weather held and the entire ceremony took place out in the field. Had we spotted lightning in the area, cover was but a few steps away with no mad dashes or significant delays necessary.

Birdsong Barn appeals to couples who want a fun, relaxed, party atmosphere that can adapt to any number of themes. It has lovely natural backdrops for stunning photography while providing shelter in the event of inclement weather. The venue provides far more privacy than is typically available at a public park or botanical garden.
Dance the night away under the pavilion.
Birdsong Barn
3430 Kilmarnoch Lane
Titusville, FL 32780
Email: BirdsongBarn@Gmail.com
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For more information call call Luanne at (321) 626-6654.
The lawn is suitable for both a small intimate ceremony or a fairly large social event.



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